Christmas Nail Polish Collection

As the weather warms up and we move into the festive season, Clawlicious Kids has launched their gorgeous Christmas Nail Polish Collection Merry & Bright

Gift the kids you love with the traditions of a decorated tree, candy -filled stocking and the glitter of snowflakes in the cold air. Gift them with the heat of an Australian beach on Christmas morning, the thrill of crashing waves, and a family game of backyard cricket.

Merry & Bright is a new collection of Christmas polishes, glitter, tattoos and poppits that make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for kids all over the world! The collection features the colours we associate with festivities - red, green and white plus the extra sparkle of gold and silver. To compliment the range we have Glitter Grinch, a delightful mix of sparkles for little cheeks and hair.

And if that isn't enough Christmas spirit for you, check out our range of festive temporary tattoos, and our super cute Christmas tree and Santa hat fidgets - designed to keep little hands busy and distracted from eating every piece of candy in their stocking!