The difference between Hard Gel and Gel Polish explained

The difference between Hard Gel and Gel Polish explained

Hard Gel or Gel Polish? Let us explain some simple differences to help you choose your next nail service. Basically there are two types of Gel. Hard Gel is like acrylic and can create nail extensions. Or provide a hard cover over your natural nails to create extra strength and protection. Gel Polish is thick liquid that cannot create length. It paints on like nail polish and lasts several weeks without chipping, peeling or fading. This is then 'cured' under an LED light so that it sets hard. Often people mistakenly call it 'Shellac'.  This is actually a brand of gel, not a separate product. 


Your Nails Don't Need Air Some people may avoid using gel polish because they think that their nails need to 'breathe'. However, your nails don't actually need air at all. They receive their nutrients and oxygen from your bloodstream. Your nails aren't sensitive to air or lack of air. However,  your nail beds and cuticles are, so use our luxury cuticle oil  to keep them protected and hydrated. It is also important not to try and remove the polish yourself. This is because the process can expose your nail beds to damage. So, always have it done by a professional nail technician. 


A Gel Manicure explained 

This is the term for a manicure that uses gel polish. If you want normal nail polish let your tech know before they begin. A manicure should include tidying of the cuticles and shaping of nails. BEWARE ! If the salon you are in uses product that is unbranded or in unlabelled bottles - this could be cheap and full of nasty toxins. Hopefully this has 'gelled' for you and answered a few questions.


Clawlicious high gloss gel polish offers excellent coverage, with over 150 colours available. We also offer a base coat and top coat for use with your gel polish. Our products are cured under LED light and are chip resistant, long lasting and perfect for nail art, so if you are interested in doing this at home, take a look at one of our At Home Gel Manicure Kits. Clawlicious luxury products are used for a full range of services at Glamour Nail Bar in Perth.